Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This Little Light of Mine.....

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

We are getting ready to go to family camp next week and one of the things my kids always make sure they have is a flashlight and extra batteries. The reason for this is that their favorite game at night is flashlight tag. There usually ends up being 30 or more kids out on the baseball field after dark playing tag – but if their light starts to go dim they have trouble seeing and being seen.

The same is true with us – if the light of Christ that we have in us starts to get dim – from sin, being backslidden, being overcome by the cares of this world – we will have trouble following the path God has for us AND it will be hard for us to guide others to Christ.

I personally feel this is an area we can all work on. If we're shining bright, it doesn't hurt to shine even brighter! If people do not see a difference in us, then they will not know the importance of following the Lord.

However, being a bright light isn't something that comes over night. This is something that we have to want and pray for. It is something we have to work on everyday – I guess you could say that each day we have to make sure our batteries for our light are charged!

Being a bright light, isn't just putting on a smile. Being a bright light is helping and encouraging others. Being a bright light is not talking bad about others. It is not sitting outside of your church gossiping about why so and so didn't show up to church this Sunday! Being a bright light, is not trying to act spiritual to impress others! To be a bright light, you must have your eyes off of people and on the Lord! That means don't worry about what someone else thinks of you, worry about what the Lord thinks of you. Once you develop a close relationship, then and only then can you be a light!

I can't be a light if I'm living in sin and neither can you! If you do not have the love of God, in your heart then do not think for a moment that you are being a bright light!

How bright is your light shining today?

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Tammy said...

Very good thoughts, Tami! I pray my light will be even brighter!!!