Sunday, October 29, 2006

Getting a Jump Start......

You may be asking, “Is this a repeat?” Well, I guess in a way it is. With the week we had last week half of the meals on the menu didn’t happen – so, since I already had the groceries on hand I just carried over the meals we didn’t eat last week.

Monday ~~~~ Swedish meatballs, noodles, broccoli & garlic bread
Tuesday ~~~~Chicken stir-fry and rice, egg drop soup
Wednesday ~~Burritos and homemade tortilla chips w/ salsa
Thursday ~~~Fish patties, mac-n-cheese & pineapple (Hubby is gone)
Friday ~~~~~Homemade pizza
Saturday ~~~ Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, & biscuits
Sunday ~~~~ Roast, potatoes, and carrots (crock pot)

Don't forget to visit Laura's Place for tons of weekly menus to browse through!! She has a great blog that is a true joy to read.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trying to add a link....

A friend found this link for me, so hopefully I did it right and you can hear this beautiful song!!

Even in the Valley

A song that means the world to me

Through the trials of this last week the Lord has given me a very dear friend. She has listened to me pour out my heart and shared some of the best advice another preacher's wife could ever share - advice that came straight from her heart and brought glory and honor to the Lord.

One of the things she sent me this week was a song. I wish I was smarter at blogging, then I could figure out how to put it here for all of you to hear, but I don't have a clue how to do that. (If anyone wants to tell me how I will gladly share the song with you all.)

This song has become my all time favorite - I will be looking for the music for it this weekend!! I am putting the words here below, so you can see just how beautiful they are.


High upon this mountain
The sun is shining bright
My heart is filled with gladness
Even with the cares of life
But I’ve just come through the valley
Of trouble, fear, and pain
It was there I came to know my God
Enough to stand and say

Even in the valley – God is good
Even in the valley – He is faithful and true
He carries His children through
Just like He said He would
Even in the valley – God is good

This road of life has led you
To a valley of defeat
You wonder if the Father
Has heard your desperate plea
But there is hope in the rugged place
Where tears of sorrow dwell
Can’t you hear Him gently whispering?
“I’m here and ALL IS WELL.”

Even in the valley – God is good
Even in the valley – He is faithful and true
He carries His children through
Like he said he would
Even in the valley – God is good.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


There is a situation going on here that is quite serious. I can't go into details - but I will say that I am so thankful that the Lord is in control and that my family and I are not going through this alone.

I am coming here asking that all who read this will pray for my family. God knows the need and our prayer is for His will to be done. I truly need and appreciate all the prayers we can get right now - the road ahead is going to be a little rocky for us, but our eyes are focused on the Lord and we know He is guiding our way.

Monday, October 23, 2006



Monday ~~~~~ Beef & Onion gravy over rice, veggies & rolls (crock pot)

Tuesday ~~~~~ Italian Calazone, Corn, and mozzarella sticks

Wednesday ~~~ Burritos and homemade tortilla chips w/ salsa

Thursday ~~~~ Farmer-style chops w/ potatoes, cabbage & bread (crock pot)

Friday ~~~~~~ Stirred-fried veggies (using leftover pork chops)

Saturday ~~~~ Swedish meatballs over noodles, broccoli, garlic bread

Sunday ~~~~~ Country style ribs & potatoes (crock pot)

For even more weekly menus, check out Laura's Blog ~ each week she dedicates a post for all who want to share their menus!

I just love when the weather starts to turn colder. There is just something about cooler weather and having the smells of cooking going throughout the house all day!!!!

And the older Elisabeth gets (currently 9) the more she is enjoying baking - so we usually have cookies, brownies, muffins, or rolls either cooking or in works throughout the week also.......and her Daddy LOVES that!!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Are you preparing???

What a beautiful Saturday it is here today! The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, it's about 40 degrees out, and everyone seems pretty content around here. (No, it isn't always like this here....I do still have 3 children living at home and my 20 year old is here everyday day too! But, at the moment all is quiet on the home front!!)

I just walked by my hubby as he was studying for tomorrow's sermon. He always makes sure he is completely prepared before he ever goes to bed on Saturdays. Years ago I learned that the preacher isn't the only one that needs to be prepared before he ever walks through the doors of the church ~~ each of us need to prepare ourselves, too.

Too many times I have seen too many people rush through the church doors as the songs are already being sung, hair disheveled, and grumpy because the family fought all the way to church. Then, they walk in, attempt to put their church face on, and say to themselves, "OK, God...I'm here now so bless me!"

Many times these same people stayed up too late the night before, stayed in bed 10 minutes later than they should have, didn't have time to eat anything (meaning they will be thinking of lunch about halfway through the service), and didn't even think to take time to pray before church (because they would be doing that once they got there.)

Coming into church in such a manner means a person is not prepared. They aren't prepared physically, mentally, or spiritually. And because they are not prepared they probably won't get all that God has for them or be in any position to be used of God to reach others.

Personally ~ I start preparing for church on Saturday...for myself and my family. I make sure clothes are ready, plan an easy breakfast for everyone, and make sure all the kids are in bed at a reasonable time.

Once the kids are in bed I prepare my heart. Spending extra time in prayer for the services, my husband/pastor, asking the Lord to show me things that may be awry in my own heart ~ all these things help prepare me spiritually.

Sunday morning we make sure everyone is up in plenty of time. Clothes were already taken care of the night before, so that isn't a concern. I make sure everyone eats (even if it's just a piece of toast) before we leave. And while we're at the table we take time to pray for the services before we ever leave the house.

I don't want to paint a picture that our family is perfect, because that definitely isn't the case. We have our mornings when things are rushed, juice gets spilled all over a child's church clothes, or someone just wakes up grumpy. Then there are the times when it seems the phone starts ringing as soon as we are out of bed and it takes more to keep from getting frustrated or irritable ~~ but because of the other things we have done to prepare, we are better able to handle the unexpected things that arise.

Why did I say all this??? I guess just to say, take time today to prepare for all that God has for you in His House tomorrow!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crock Pot Cooking

Sandra, from Diary of a SAHM, have a post running for Slow Cooking Thursday.

I love cooking meals in my crock pot and over the years I have learned to cook everything from soups and stews, to desserts, breads, and meatloaf (a family favorite around my house.)

Cooking in the crock pot works so well for me because I have more time to begin meals in the morning than I do in the evening many nights. I also love smelling dinner cooking throughout the day!!

This meatloaf is a breeze to make, holds together and slices nicely- a problem I have had with meatloaves in the past. Experiment with other ingredients or our own family meatloaf recipe – I promise…..meatloaf in the crock pot is DELICIOUS!!!

2 eggs, beaten

¾ cup milk

1 cup bread crumbs (I prefer Italian)

1 envelope dry onion soup mix

2 lbs. Lean ground beef

In a large bowl combine eggs, milk, bread crumbs, and soup mix. Mix well, then add meat.
Mix thoroughly, then shape into a rectangle or oval.

To remove loaf when done, line crock with wide strip of aluminum foil, coming up sides of crock.

Place in crock. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours or high for 3 hours.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Thoughts of Mornings.....

I admit that I love mornings!! It is my quiet time. A time that I have set aside for nothing other than time alone with the Lord. Over the last couple of days I have been really studying God’s Word to see what He says about mornings too. This all came about when I heard someone say they never do any devotions until late at night and then sometimes they don’t get to them because they are just too exhausted.

Sure, it can be hard to get yourself out of bed, especially when a person is in the habit of staying up late. But a person will do what they truly have a desire to do. If a person truly wants to follow what God’s Word says about rising up early – they can. It’s a heart issue.

That really made me think – no wonder God tells us numerous times throughout His Word to “rise up early.” When we first get up in the morning we don’t have all the cares, concerns, thoughts from throughout the day, etc. that we do by they end of the day. Our mind isn’t racing with a 100 different thoughts first thing in the morning. We aren’t so easily distracted by the things and cares of this world first thing in the morning.

Here are some of the things I have gleaned throughout my study these last few days. I won’t give you all the references and such – maybe you’ll want to study it yourself – but just some notes I taken.

People Mentioned in the Bible that Rose Up Early

  1. Abraham
  2. Jacob
  3. Moses
  4. Joshua
  5. Hannah
  6. Samuel
  7. David
  8. Job
  9. Daniel
  10. Jesus
  11. The Apostles
(What a great list of faithful servants!!)

Israel rose up early once when Moses commanded them to – in other words because they had to, not because the wanted to – and the Bible says they mourned greatly

18 times in the Book of Psalms we are given instruction about morning worship, prayer, or meditation. But only 2 times is “evening” used in regards to those same things.

Okay – my rambling thoughts are over. Have a great day ladies!!

Monday, October 16, 2006


I just can't tell you how thrilled I am to have discovered Laura's Blog. Last week I added her link to my blog ~~ and this week I am getting really brave and ATTEMPTING to add my menu to her's!!! (pray for me....sometimes this computer is a whole lot smarter than I am!!)

Here is what my family is having this week.........

MONDAY............Homemade Turkey Noodle Soup & Biscuits (crock pot)
TUESDAY...........Marinated Steak, Rice, and Salad
WEDNESDAY.....Meatloaf, Baked potatoes, and Fruit Salad
THURSDAY........Spaghetti, Corn, & French Bread (crock pot)
FRIDAY..............Chicken Breasts, Stuffing, & broccoli
SATURDAY.......Lasagna, Salad, Green Beans, & Garlic Bread
SUNDAY............Chili & Cornbread (crock pot)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Entertaining my children....

About 2 months ago I got a coupon to get a free Scotch Brite Toilet Cleaner. I can't tell you what a blessing it has been!!

"Is it because of how good it works?" ~~ you ask??

NOPE - I wouldn't say it works any better or worse than others....but what I will say is that now my two youngest children absolutely LOVE to scrub the toilet!!

Today they were arguing about who GOT to scrub the toilet - thankfully, we have TWO, so they both got to!! (And they do a great job, too!)

Are you meek and quiet....

1 Peter 3:4 But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

I got an email from a friend today - a pastor's wife in Eugene, Oregon. She always has such a sweet spirit about her, no matter what may be going on around her. She has also been the one to be there with an encouraging word just when I need it (even though she is over 1600 miles away.)

I want to park on two words once again today. All too often, in Christian circles, these two words have been misinterpreted, used as Scriptural gongs, twisted to mean other things, and have some totally confused.

First of all I want to say that God made woman, just as He made man, to be like Him. We just have different roles.

The two words are: meek and quiet.

We all have different personalities and the way we go about situations. Some of us are more out going. Some of us are rather reserved. God made us all different for a reason - to serve Him to our 100% ability with our different gifts.

Quiet means - to be in a state of rest. It means to be free from alarm or disturbance; Peaceable; Not giving offense; Not exciting controversy, disorder or trouble; Calm; Not agitated by wind - like a still and quiet sea; Unruffled; Not restless; Freedom from disturbance or alarm; To appease; To suppress.

So I think that the definition should be sinking in! Do you think it is all about our emotions and how we handle them? Sometimes they are raging inside like a wild animal....hard to handle. But it does not change the meaning of quiet.

Have you ever looked at a calm sea or ocean? So peaceful, shimmering and glistening. Underneath are rip tides, currents, but controlled. When we are not controlled we can liken it to a Tsunami - look at the damage it does when full blown!

Meek - mild of temper; not easily provoked or irritated; given to forbearance under injuries.

Interestingly enough - both of these words most often used in the Bible are directed to both sexes not just the woman. God is not asking you to be someone He did not create nor lose your special qualities. God is asking and promising wonderful things if we get the emotions under control.

We are to go about situations filled with the Holy Spirit! If you get quirked in the wrong way by an emotion - STOP - get in your prayer closet - get it under control - and then head back into your day.

Thank you, Miss Lucy, for again sharing what God has laid on your heart!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And In My World Today.....

The weather man has gone and done it!!! He has predicted that we will have an inch of snow by tomorrow!!

Now, I know.....I live in North Dakota ~~ I should be ready for this ~~ but I'm not!!! Even though I have lived here for over 20 years I am just not a cold weather type of gal.

I love where I live but for some reason the Southern California girl in my just has not adjusted to snow and FREEZING!!!!! One thing I will admit to though ~ it sure is beautiful.

One glimmer of hope I have throughout this forecast.....our weather man tends to be wrong more than he's right. So, maybe that cold, white stuff will hold off for a while longer!!

In other news around our home ~ it appears I am finally going to recover from the pneumonia and crude I have been fighting for the last month and a half (WOO HOO). Now, I just have to figure out how to catch up on things. One of my Master's classes is over on the 12th, but I still have 4 assignments and a major portion of a project left to do!!! This is an unusual position for me to be in, as I am usually one of the first ones done with all my assignments. I am very thankful that my professor knows what all has been going on with my health and will give me a little leeway to finish up. My prayer is that she will give me through the weekend to finish.

Jeff is out winterizing our travel trailer today (another sign that summer is over in North Dakota.) The kids are out there doing school and enjoying one more day of playing in the camper. I opened everything up on it today giving it on more opportunity to air out before we close it up until spring. It's really too bad that we have to close it up for so many months. We really don't go camping a whole lot, but we do keep it fully usable throughout the spring and summer for missionaries to stay in (or for that day or two we just want to escape for a bit.) It is so much roomier and inexpensive than booking hotels.

Well, that's about it for my little corner of the world today. Our spare ribs are cooking and the laundry is done, so now I have no excuse to avoid my schoolwork any longer!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What a great way to start my week.......

I just found a new blog today....and I love it ~~~ I'm an Organizing Junkie ~~~ WOW, it is great!!! (I hope I did the link right. Tammy told me how and this is the first time I've tried it.)

I love having a menu done each week and am always looking for new ideas. Now I have ton a ton ideas just by checking out Laura's blog each Monday. Each Monday she has MEAL PLAN MONDAY, with A LOT of links to others ladies weekly menus. I felt like I was in menu heaven!!!

Maybe next week I'll attempt to link my menu there (that is if someone can tell me how!!)

Here is my menu for this week:

MONDAY ~~~~~ Chili and Corn bread (crock pot)
TUESDAY ~~~~~ BBQ ribs and baked potatoes (crock pot)
WEDNESDAY ~~ Pancakes and sausage
THURSDAY ~~~ Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes
FRIDAY ~~~~~~ Spaghetti & French bread (crock pot)
SATURDAY ~~~ Chicken fajitas (crock pot)
SUNDAY ~~~~~ Nachos (crock pot)

It looks like my crock pots will be getting quite a work out this week!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Loving So Much It Hurts

I feel like a big ball of emotions right now and I know I can never put everything I am feeling into words, so just consider this blog a bunch of rambling from a lady that loves her sister so much it hurts.

My sister is 12 years younger than me and due to lots of circumstances way back when, I pretty much raised her for most of her first 5 years. I know that in itself caused a very special bond between the two of us. After I got married, moved away, and she got older, our relationship took on another form - we became each others best friend. She has always held a very special place in my heart.

Over the last 8 years I have had the heartbreak of watching my sister fall farther and farther away from the Lord - and more and more into trouble. Through it all I has always let her know I love her...nothing will ever change that...but have also done what I could to try to get her to turn back to the Lord.

Today my sister called me, crying. Her sins (illegal activity) have finally caught up with her and she is in jail. My own tears rolled down my cheeks while I told her two things:

1. I love you
2. I'm glad you're where you are

I don't mean that in a sadistic or unloving way and I told her that. I meant it because it is the only way she can begin to get her life on track - fixing the past cannot be done while running from the law.

My sister is 1600 miles away from me, but as close as my heart. She knows I love her and she knows she will only hear the truth from me - the Truth that she needs to hear is that God loves her more than me ~ and that is a lot. She needs to know He is waiting for her with open arms and that He will be with her through everything she must go through. These are just some of the things that I will be sharing with her through frequent letters (one benefit to where she is, she's bound to get my mail and read it.)

My prayer now is that throughout this time that she will be in jail ( and it will be a while) is that God can use me to help lead her back to a life with Him.

Another thing that keeps going through my mind ~~ "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son..." That is the true definition of loving so much it hurt!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

For My Friend....

Meet Nikki's cat - Radar. As most of you know, I love cats. So when Nikki got Radar I was thrilled to hear all about him.

This morning as Nikki and I was chatting we starters discussing cat breeds and I told her I would do some checking and see if I could determine what breed her sweet kitty is.

I was pretty sure he wasn't just one breed, but a mix of breeds ~~ or as they are commonly called, a house cat ...the perfect pet. Here is what I found:

Radar has a lot of the looks of a chartreux in him. (That's a picture of one to the right.) The Chartreux is known for its smile. The rounded head and forehead tapers to a narrowed muzzle. This gives the Chartreux an image of smiling. I can see that same trait in Radar!! It looks like he is just sitting there smiling at you.

So there you have it ~~ my uneducated opinion!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Song in My Heart...

With all that is going on in this world my heart just breaks. This morning as I was spending time in prayer (especially for those families who have lost children in these school shootings) the Lord laid a song upon my heart. It has been such a comfort and encouragement to me and I pray it is to you too.

What A Day That Will Be

There is coming a day
When no heartache shall come
No more clouds in the sky
No more tears to dim the eye
All is peace forever more
Oh that happy golden shore
What a day, glorious day that will be.

What a day that will be
When my Jesus I shall see
And I look upon His face
The One who saved me by His grace
When He takes me by the hand
And leads me through the Promised Land
What a day, glorious day that will be.

There'll be no sorrow there
No more burdens to bear
No more sickness, no pain
No more parting over there
And forever I will be
With the One who died for me
What a day, glorious day that will be.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wow - October is already here.....


I'm am blessed to have my husband as my pastor - and this month my family and I want to show him even more just how much that means to us.

Each day the kids and I are going to do something special for him.
Today started with a personal note from me to him on the bathroom mirror. The kids are going to be cleaning his desk here at the house and decorating it for him. Then, this evening we are making him homemade pizza and snacks for him to nibble on while watching the football game.

Tomorrow the children are planning breakfast in bed ~~ I'm still undecided on my contribution for tomorrow. I have several ideas though!!!!