Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Loving This Blogging More All the Time

I've seen this on a couple of blogs that I read regularly and thought I would take some time this morning to answer these questions for myself. I hope no one minds me borrowing the questions!! I am really enjoying blogging and what I am enjoying even more is reading (and learning) from the blogs I have been reading lately.

How many do you read regularly?

I have 11 on my bloglines right now and seem to be adding more as I read others blog and check out their favorites.

How many are written by women? By men?
All of them are by women.

Are they all Christian? How about the same denomination?
From what I can tell they are all Christian, but I don't know about the same denomination or not. I know that the ones I read I have a lot in common with and that is what makes reading them so enjoyable. If their beliefs were too different from me or I found that I did not agree with them doctrinally I probably wouldn't read them.

What kinds of posts do you like the best?
Upbeat, cheerful posts. Posts that are encouraging in one way or another.

What kinds of posts are you most likely to comment on?
Oh, that is a hard on to answer. I love reading about daily life things, children, church, and funny things. Mainly things that just touch my heart and make me think and smile.

What makes you add a blog to your favorites list/bloglines? Or conversely, what drives you away from a blog?
Definitely what the author tends to write about. I steer clear of ones that are caught up in arguing or controversial types of topics and are drawn to ones that encourage me and a Christian, a wife, and a mom.

WhatÂ’s your favorite kind of post to write?
That's hard to answer. I still consider myself pretty new to all of this and I haven't really found one type that is my favorite.

What do you think is your biggest strength blogwise? Biggest weakness?
I love to be encouraging and hope that shows through my writing. My biggest weakness....Learningg to be consistent (but I'm getting so much better at that.)

What do you want to change, if anything, about the way you blog?
My topics seem to jump all over the place and I would like to have more of a common theme throughout, but that is hard for me to do. I do hope that through everything the love for my Saviour and my family always shows through.

How many times a day do you say the word blog?
Not that many at all.

How many bloggers have you met in real life – not counting the ones you knew before they started blogging?

I've met one - but I don't know if she was blogging then or not. I know I had off and on but was not consistent about it at that time.

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Tammy said...

Tami, it was fun to read your answers! I agree with you--I don't like reading controversial/argumentive blogs either.