Friday, June 09, 2006

Another week is almost gone.....

I am always shocked at how fast time goes by!! I remember when I was younger (and I'm really not old ~~ not even 40 yet) time seemed to go by so slow...especially if I was waiting for something like a special weekend activity or trip. Now time just flies by and I am left wondering "where did it go??"

This will be a busy weekend for me, but I sure am looking forward to it!! Tonight we have volleyball practice and then we have tournament games Sunday evening after church.

This evening, after practice, Jeffrey (my oldest) and I are going to start rearranging furniture in a couple of our bedrooms. The bunk beds in Elisabeth room are being moved into Brett's room and Elisabeth is getting a new "girlie" bed. She is so excited!!!

The bunk beds will look great in Brett's room - they are red and so is his room (it is a Nascar theme.) We are sure what Elisabeth's bed will look like yet because we haven't picked it out yet, but I do know it will be white. Her room is pink with a princess theme throughout. Hopefully I will have it all done tomorrow evening and then I can post some pictures!!

Jeff also have a wedding to do on Saturday, so we will be at the church for several hours for that. I love weddings and this one have such beautiful decorations. (I'll try to get pictures of them too!!)

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