Friday, June 16, 2006

I wasn't going to say anything but.....

I admit that I have a hard time with reading my Bible through in a year. It just seems to take too long. Then I read that Mrs R., from the blog Be Not Conformed, was going to read her Bible through in a month. I thought that was a little faster that I felt I could be, but then I started praying about doing something similar myself.

I started 3 days ago, but other than telling my husband I haven't said a word to anyone. I am reading my Bible through in 3 months - that is 13 to 15 chapters a day. I am loving how I do it to. I do several things, then take a break and read a chapter. I continue this throughout the whole day. So I do my indepth study first thing in the morning and then throughout the day I take in a chapter of God's Word at a time. I feel like I am just nibbling on the Word all day long - and I LOVE it!!!!!

Then, a few minutes ago I read that another friend of mine ~ Gina ~ is going to try reading it through in a month. I just think its neat that several of us are doing this together and that is why I wanted to share what I'm doing too. That way we can help encourage each other as we are reading. I know I love hearing how Mrs R is doing and I pray for her each day. I pray that others will do the same for Gina and for myself.

I have read through Genesis 34 so far and am truly enjoying being reminded of things I have read so many times before. It is like a refresher course and a way of bringing everything to the front of my mind again. A few times throughout the day today I had to stop and share something I had just read with Jeff because it just touched my heart in a special way.

I'm praying for you ladies - praying for your reading and for your commitment to accomplish something in a set amount of time.

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Gina said...

oh yay...this is fun! That is exactly why I posted because I know the other post I read was an ecouragement to me! I will pray for you too!!!! (((((hugs))))