Monday, June 08, 2009

It’s been almost 6 months since our church caught fire and finally we can say things are starting to come together. We can say.....WE HAVE WALLS!!! They aren’t finished walls, but at least it’s a start.

The sheetrock has all been hung (upstairs and down) and this week the plumbers are supposed to finish up their part and the taping a mudding should begin. That could take a week all by itself – and longer if our weather doesn’t dry up ~~ AND WARM UP!!

Back in February Jeff told them the church HAD to be ready by June 30th. He has a wedding to perform on that day. They still keep telling us, “No problem.” I keep thinking its going to take a big miracle to have it done by then. I am also thankful that I serve a God that is very able to perform that kind of miracle.

Please, if you think about it, pray for the completion of our church building. Right now we are actually starting to outgrow the place we have been worshipping in since the fire (which is a GREAT problem.) Yesterday morning before services I was worried we were going to run out of chairs. An even bigger problem is that we have no nursery right now. Many of the new people we are having come in have little children that have never sat through church before and when you have all of us in one room that can be quite the distraction. Usually I end up taking them all out to an indoor play area in the mall where we are meeting.

Anyway ~~ here are a few pictures of our walls: