Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Think I'm Melting!!

I cant’ believe how hot it was yesterday and again today!! All-in-all, this summer hasn’t been nearly as hot as usual, but all of a sudden yesterday that changed. Yesterday at 3:00pm it was 101 degree and the winds was blowing like you wouldn’t believe. Today it was already over 85 before noon....and that hot wind is still blowing.

Today was one of those days at church that we weren’t just refreshed from the preaching but also from the cool temperature inside. We had a wonderful message on the grace of God. There are so many times I take for granted all the grace that God gives me. I don’t deserve the wonderful life He blesses me with, yet He continues to bless me and allow me daily opportunities to serve Him.

I hope each of you take some time today to thank God for all He has, is, and will continue to do for you.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!!

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