Monday, October 23, 2006



Monday ~~~~~ Beef & Onion gravy over rice, veggies & rolls (crock pot)

Tuesday ~~~~~ Italian Calazone, Corn, and mozzarella sticks

Wednesday ~~~ Burritos and homemade tortilla chips w/ salsa

Thursday ~~~~ Farmer-style chops w/ potatoes, cabbage & bread (crock pot)

Friday ~~~~~~ Stirred-fried veggies (using leftover pork chops)

Saturday ~~~~ Swedish meatballs over noodles, broccoli, garlic bread

Sunday ~~~~~ Country style ribs & potatoes (crock pot)

For even more weekly menus, check out Laura's Blog ~ each week she dedicates a post for all who want to share their menus!

I just love when the weather starts to turn colder. There is just something about cooler weather and having the smells of cooking going throughout the house all day!!!!

And the older Elisabeth gets (currently 9) the more she is enjoying baking - so we usually have cookies, brownies, muffins, or rolls either cooking or in works throughout the week also.......and her Daddy LOVES that!!!!


gail said...

Looks good and calzone sounds good!
I'm doing burritos too.

org junkie said...

Hi, great menu! I love that your 9 yr is baking all the time. I have a 9 yr old daughter as well but can't get her baking for me. I would LOVE that. Laura

Tami said...


I got Elisabeth excited about baking by buying the packaged cookies that just need to be placed on the sheet and baked. I let her pick out the kind and then talked her through the process while she did each step. Then she got to present them to her Daddy and tell him she did them ALL BUY HERSELF!!!

Now she loves cooking and is enjoying doing it more herself than from a package....although package things are fun too.


Anonymous said...

I love the kitties on your blog! So cute!

Your dinners sound really awesome as well!