Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Thoughts of Mornings.....

I admit that I love mornings!! It is my quiet time. A time that I have set aside for nothing other than time alone with the Lord. Over the last couple of days I have been really studying God’s Word to see what He says about mornings too. This all came about when I heard someone say they never do any devotions until late at night and then sometimes they don’t get to them because they are just too exhausted.

Sure, it can be hard to get yourself out of bed, especially when a person is in the habit of staying up late. But a person will do what they truly have a desire to do. If a person truly wants to follow what God’s Word says about rising up early – they can. It’s a heart issue.

That really made me think – no wonder God tells us numerous times throughout His Word to “rise up early.” When we first get up in the morning we don’t have all the cares, concerns, thoughts from throughout the day, etc. that we do by they end of the day. Our mind isn’t racing with a 100 different thoughts first thing in the morning. We aren’t so easily distracted by the things and cares of this world first thing in the morning.

Here are some of the things I have gleaned throughout my study these last few days. I won’t give you all the references and such – maybe you’ll want to study it yourself – but just some notes I taken.

People Mentioned in the Bible that Rose Up Early

  1. Abraham
  2. Jacob
  3. Moses
  4. Joshua
  5. Hannah
  6. Samuel
  7. David
  8. Job
  9. Daniel
  10. Jesus
  11. The Apostles
(What a great list of faithful servants!!)

Israel rose up early once when Moses commanded them to – in other words because they had to, not because the wanted to – and the Bible says they mourned greatly

18 times in the Book of Psalms we are given instruction about morning worship, prayer, or meditation. But only 2 times is “evening” used in regards to those same things.

Okay – my rambling thoughts are over. Have a great day ladies!!

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Nikki said...

I SO enjoyed your rambling!! LOL I wish so many times that I was a morning person! I just can NOT get up!!! Maybe one day I will be a morning person.