Saturday, October 07, 2006

For My Friend....

Meet Nikki's cat - Radar. As most of you know, I love cats. So when Nikki got Radar I was thrilled to hear all about him.

This morning as Nikki and I was chatting we starters discussing cat breeds and I told her I would do some checking and see if I could determine what breed her sweet kitty is.

I was pretty sure he wasn't just one breed, but a mix of breeds ~~ or as they are commonly called, a house cat ...the perfect pet. Here is what I found:

Radar has a lot of the looks of a chartreux in him. (That's a picture of one to the right.) The Chartreux is known for its smile. The rounded head and forehead tapers to a narrowed muzzle. This gives the Chartreux an image of smiling. I can see that same trait in Radar!! It looks like he is just sitting there smiling at you.

So there you have it ~~ my uneducated opinion!!!

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Nikki said...

awwwww, I LOVE it!!! He is so pretty!! I'm so glad that he has come around. He was out and downstairs ALL day! The kids were so excited. Thanks Tami! Now I'm going to go read up about my breed!!!!!!!