Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And In My World Today.....

The weather man has gone and done it!!! He has predicted that we will have an inch of snow by tomorrow!!

Now, I know.....I live in North Dakota ~~ I should be ready for this ~~ but I'm not!!! Even though I have lived here for over 20 years I am just not a cold weather type of gal.

I love where I live but for some reason the Southern California girl in my just has not adjusted to snow and FREEZING!!!!! One thing I will admit to though ~ it sure is beautiful.

One glimmer of hope I have throughout this forecast.....our weather man tends to be wrong more than he's right. So, maybe that cold, white stuff will hold off for a while longer!!

In other news around our home ~ it appears I am finally going to recover from the pneumonia and crude I have been fighting for the last month and a half (WOO HOO). Now, I just have to figure out how to catch up on things. One of my Master's classes is over on the 12th, but I still have 4 assignments and a major portion of a project left to do!!! This is an unusual position for me to be in, as I am usually one of the first ones done with all my assignments. I am very thankful that my professor knows what all has been going on with my health and will give me a little leeway to finish up. My prayer is that she will give me through the weekend to finish.

Jeff is out winterizing our travel trailer today (another sign that summer is over in North Dakota.) The kids are out there doing school and enjoying one more day of playing in the camper. I opened everything up on it today giving it on more opportunity to air out before we close it up until spring. It's really too bad that we have to close it up for so many months. We really don't go camping a whole lot, but we do keep it fully usable throughout the spring and summer for missionaries to stay in (or for that day or two we just want to escape for a bit.) It is so much roomier and inexpensive than booking hotels.

Well, that's about it for my little corner of the world today. Our spare ribs are cooking and the laundry is done, so now I have no excuse to avoid my schoolwork any longer!!

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