Monday, August 28, 2006

I can tell summer is winding down......

I slept in this morning ~ didn't get up until almost 6:30 ~ and it was still dark outside! That's just one of the ways here in North Dakota that we can tell fall is on the way. I love all our hours of sunlight we have here in the summer time!!!

Having been born and raised in Southern California, I always have to try to pysche myself up for these North Dakota winters. While I admit that I truly love where God has us, I still (after over 20 years) do not like the cold whether. I'm just a warm weather girl!!! I love being able to just run outside and not worry about whether I have enough layers on so that I don't get frost bite.

Fall here is gorgeous though - something I never experienced in California. I love watching the leaves turn, spending afternoons raking (yes, I love to rake!!!), the smells of autumn evenings, and the crispness of a fall morning!

Well, time to get moving ~ I promised my hubby cinnamon rolls today and I think I'll make an extra batch for some friends of ours.

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