Thursday, May 18, 2006

I did great this week!!!!

I got all my shopping done for the week yesterday (a major chore for me, since I do NOT like to shop) ~~ and the great part is I spent less than $100 dollars!!! That's a big savings compared to the average $130-150 I usually spend. This included all my groceries, my Wal-mart essentials and some panties for Elisabeth (she'd die if she knew I just told everyone that!!)

I'm just so impressed, because we have some really good things on the menu this week, yet groceries cost me a lot less than normal.. Here is what we are eating this week.....

Wednesday ~~ French Fry Casserole with fresh veggies and dip
Thursday ~~~ Chicken w/ artichoke hearts, pasta, fruit, & French bread
Friday ~~~~~ Meditteranean fish with rice pilaf
Saturday ~~~ Crock pot ravioli, salad, and corn on the cob
Sunday ~~~~ Honey mustard chicken (crock pot) and baked potatos
Monday ~~~ BBQ - ribs, burgers, and veggies!!!!
Tuesday ~~~ Eating out with friends

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