Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yes, Lindsey - it's happened here too!!

I love reading Lindsey's blog - ENJOY THE JOURNEY. This week she had the joy of having one of her precious ones flush something down the toilet! (I'm only laughing because, has happened at our house, too.)

Actually, considering I had 6 children and ran a daycare for 10 years, I can't believe it only happened once!!!! But when it happened it was major. And I was very thankful it happened while we lived in base housing because I know it would have been VERY EXPENSIVE if we would have had to pay for the repairs.

I did learn something from the experience - and I will pass that knowledge onto all of you. Tupperware Toddler cups fit perfectly into the toilet and cause a major suction to make it impossible to get out without removing the whole toilet!!!!!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane Lindsey!! I love looking back and laughing over things from when my kids were little!


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Oh my dear!!!!! Well, we've earned our badge of mommyhood, haven't we?

Thanks for your sweet words about enjoythejourney!

Sis. Julie said... happened to us too. My son had flushed a flip-flop (his size at age 4) down the toilet and another item...I think it was a toy of some sort. Anyway...we ended up with a plumber having to come out and run a snake into our toilet to get it unclogged. That was a very expensive thing to have done since it was at night and on a weekend. If my memory serves me right I think that is the only time that happened...and we have 3 kids.

abrightnewdawn said...

That is TOOO funny, Tami. I needed that tonight!! We haven't had any major toilet experiences, yet. We haven't had a boy yet either!! :)