Monday, February 02, 2009


There haven’t been any changes made at the church this last week because we were still waiting on the architect. He has now finished the drawings and they will be submitted to the city this week. Once the city gives us a building permit the work can begin again.

Here are a few of the drawing of what the finished work will look like:
This is the new kitchen. For anyone who remembers the old kitchen, I'm sure you are just as excited as I am about this. The old kitchen was way to big, way too old, and just BLECH!!
This will be the new downstairs. The apartment is mot being put back in and the other class room is being moved so the whole center in wide open. This picure shows the stairs that come from upstairs, the open area to see into the kitchen, the door to the kitchen, and then the door to the furnace room.
This will be our new sanctuary. the baptistry is actually in the very back behind a huge curtain. There are built in riser for the choir and the pupit area is much bigger. The door to the left leads to Jeff''s new office (this is where the baptistry used to be.) The door to the right leads to the downstairs and the changing area.


Susan said...

What a blessing, Tami! I know you all will just love your new building once all this stage is over.

Anonymous said...

What a change
Love Mom