Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a Thought...

The kids and I are reading through our Bibles together this year. It has led to some great conversations been us throughout the week as we all talk about what we read that day and what we have learned.

The other day I took some time to really think about one of the verses:

I think everyone should take inventory of where you've allowed even the most wonderful things in life to take precedence over your relationship with God.

Anything or anyone other than God Himself, who you've placed on a pedestal, is certain to come down. It will not stay there, for God is jealous for you and thankfully He is, for He is the only one with whom your trust is secure.

He is the only one who will never disappoint you. He is the one that deserves your full attention and dedication. And the great thing about that ~~ if you are willing to do that, all the other areas of your life will fall into line too!!!

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