Friday, January 09, 2009

The Demolition Continues...

The damage in the photo below is in an office that was located behind our Baptistry. This room has to be completely torn down.
Here is the basement and what used to be the prophet's chamber area. The walls have been torn down and the floor is in the process of being ripped up.
Here is what is left of the kitchen. All the cabinets, counters,etc. has been torn out ~ and so has the floor.
This is looking up from the basement through the holes that have been burned all the way through to the upstairs. I wish this picture had turned out better. When I took the picture you could actually look through the hole and see the cross that was hanging upstairs.
This picture was taken in the sanctuary looking towards the pulpit area and baptistry. Within the next day or so the wall behind those studs will be taken out, along with the room that is on the other side of it. This is the area that the fire was the worst. Our contractor told us the baptistry is what saved the whole building from going up in flames. If it had not been there the flames would have gone straight into the attic and the roof.
Another view of the room that has to be demolished. As you can see, the flames and smoke came up through the vents.
The same room ~ more damage from the vents.
The pulpit area has now been removed. The floor underneath burned all the way through so that you can look down into the basement.
This is one of the holes upstairs that is burned all the way through.

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Denise said...

The kitchen is going to be so much fun to rebuild! It was big to start with, now you get to bring it up-to-date. How fun!