Monday, December 22, 2008

Now that I have had a full week out of school things are starting to fall into a nice routine around here. I must say that I am really enjoying it. But, before I get into that I do have to share some very special news (at least to me.)

My college advisor emailed me last Thursday to let me know that I was officially done and everything for my degree has been completed. But what was even more exciting was that I graduated with GPA was 4.0!!!

Thanks to everyone who prayed for me over the last 2 years while I undertook that major task. There were times I wanted to quit, but you would encourage me to continue. I can know look back and see that it was through those prayers and the grace of the Lord that I was able to do all of that!!

Now, about my home life now that school is no longer a factor. For those who don’t know me very well, I have a tendency to get kind of obsessive/compulsive about things. So I try my best not to let that happen. In order to keep from literally working my family to death trying to get everything I want done around the house AI have gone back to one of my favorite websites ~~ FlyLady.

Through following their routine my house is starting to shine again, but I’m not obsessive about getting it there. We do small things at a time and do them in a fun way. And most importantly it is working marvelously – not that I ever doubted it, because I used to follow this method for years.

Even with a busy week ahead, I know that everything will get done in a timely manner and we’ll still have time to enjoy ourselves.
Brett, Elisabeth, Braden and I are baking cookies this week. Jeff and I are going shopping. We are having a special candlelight service at church on Wednesday. My mom is coming Wednesday and staying until Friday. It is close week at work (meaning extra busy). And lastly – through all of this I plan to beat Nick at racquetball at least 2 out of the 3 times we will be playing!!!! (After all I can’t let a 19 year old beat me at the game I taught him ~~~ even if he is younger and in better shape.)

So anyone else have any special plans for the week??

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