Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm Tired & Frustrated

I’m getting very frustrated. I am literally days away from completing my Master’s, but my thesis is a group project (don’t know who came up with that bright idea) and for the last 4 days the only changes that have taken place on our rough draft are changes I have made. I have resorted to begging for their help on this....I mean really, my grade is hanging in the balances based on the work (or lack thereof) of others!!!!!

If you read this today, please take a moment to say a little prayer. This rough draft has to be turned in by 11:55pm tonight. I work until 5om and have church at 7pm. I checked to see if either of my partners responded from my emails last night and I found NOTHING!!! I could just cry.


Susan said...

Wow - never heard of a thesis being a group project! I pray that someone will do some more work on it.

Tori said...

Well it looks like you've already had to turn it in, hope it went well.