Monday, July 17, 2006

After years of praying about this

I am FINALLY goes to start a project I have dreamed of. I know this project is going to takes me years to put together, but I am ready for the task (and the challenge.)

I accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour on October 28th, 1989 and ever since then I have loved to hear testimonies from others. Then I began thinking, "Wouldn't it be great to collect testimonies of others?" How many times do you get to hear the testimonies of just ordinary, everyday people? We can read books of famous preachers, missionaries, and such - but what about all the rest?

I know many of you ladies who read my blog have blogs of your own (and many more readers than I do.) So, I am asking for two things

1) I would love for you to send me your testimony of salvation - either as a comment on my blog or in an email.

2) I would really appreciate it if you would put a little something on your own blogs so that your readers could possibly send their testimonies to me as well.

I am also putting out the requests to several of the churches I know and praying that over time this will spread and I will gather numerous testimonies from around the world.

My prayer is that as I gather these testimonies they can be used to encourage the saved and point the lost to Christ.

1 comment:

Bernice said...

wow sounds like quite a task! how about a graphic that people will be able to link to your site? if the graphic said something short on it that explained what you are doing etc...

just an idea! I will get back to you with my testimony after I have time to type it up!