Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's official.....there is a bug in my house!!!

It started with Brett on Tuesday night and it quickly making its rounds!! I'm thankful that it doesn't seem to be too severe, with the worst of it only lasting about 24 hours.

Right now my dear husband is it's victim, not good considering it just hit him and he preaches all day tomorrow. He has asked one of the men of our church to be prepared to fill in "just in case" he can't make it. I'm praying with lots of rest and TLC from me that he will recover quickly. I have soup cooking in the crock pot and lots of juice on hand, so I think I am prepared.

Elisabeth and Jeffrey haven't seemed to be effected by it yet and it was pretty mild for Nick and I. So - today I will be nursing my hubby back to health and Lysoling (I'm sure that's not a real word) everything in the house - especially the bathrooms.

Now, on a more upbeat note - Nick and I had our annual evening out for the opening game of the semi-pro basketball team that Bismarck has ~ the Dakota Wizards. This is something that Nick and I look forward to each year. We make an evening of it ~ dinner and the game. We have so much fun.

Each year it is a reminder to me of just how blessed I really am. In today's world there aren't too many 16, almost 17 year old boys who want to spend a Friday evening out on the town with their mom ~ but Nick is one of the exceptions. What a great time we had just talking and laughing and watching the game. Since we are both huge basketball fans we really get into the game too!!

Last night was no exception. The Wizards won 119 - 91. After the game Nick was back in the locker room with the team (we know several of them) and I got a great opportunity to talk to the coach's wife. I love those chances to share the Gospel and invite people to church. After we left we stopped at Wendy's for a drink and I got the greatest gift this mom could ever ask for.......a hug and an "I love you, mom" from Nick!! Oh, how I love being a mom!!!

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