Sunday, November 27, 2005

Care to join us for dinner this week??

Every Saturday I make our family menu for dinner each night. I love having our dinner already planned in advance. It just seems to make my days go so much smoother. So, here is what we will be eating this week.....

SATURDAYwild rice and turkey soup, wheat rolls, and salad
SUNDAYTaco salad and apple slices
MONDAYHomemade pizza and salad
TUESDAYHamburger & cheese casserole (crockpot) with fresh veggies
WEDNESDAYPork chops, wild rice, brocolli, and rolls
THURSDAYGrilled cheese, soup, and salad
FRIDAYChicken Parmesan, corn, fruit salad, and rolls

I always try to make enough dinner so that we have leftovers for lunch the next day. Having a menu made before I go grocery shopping also helps me plan my shopping better.

I love to look at other people's menus, too. It gives me new and different ideas. So, anyone who wants to share their menus, please feel free!!


Jamie said...

Oh sounds good..I need to start making menus again..we sort of hit and miss with meals..its going to be worse..jim will be gone for 2 weeks..the only good thing is..nothing ever sounds good.

Tammy said...

I would love to come to dinner. :)

On Saturday, I made up my menu for the coming week and went shopping. My mistake was going shopping so late in the afternoon. Everyone was out doing their Christmas shopping and grocery shopping. Since I'll be working full time now, I will have to get out early Saturday morning to do my shopping.

Planning menus is one of the things I'm going to HAVE to do to keep my sanity!