Monday, February 11, 2008

It Appears Winter Found Us

Over the last several years the winters here in Bismarck have been mild. That is not the case this year. So far in 2008 we have spent more days below zero degrees than we have above and even as I am typing this we a getting another 3 – 5 inches of that white fluffy stuff called snow.

You’d think after living here for 20 years I would have adjusted to this....but I haven’t. I don’t complain about it ~ but the California girl inside of me stills likes 70 degrees or warmer!!!!

One thing about winter is that is doesn’t last forever (although some days it feels like it will.) Before we know it the snow will melt, the trees and flowers will bloom, and we’ll see the newness of life start all over again in Spring. I love how God never leaves us in one situation forever. We truly are just passing through this life, we’re not here to stay forever.

That is why we need to make the best of each and every day we are given. Take time to rejoice in the Lord ~~ after all it is required of us in God’s Word to do just that. 9 times throughout the Bible the phrase “rejoice in the Lord” is used. And never does it tell us to rejoice “sometimes.” NO, the Bible says:

Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

What do you have to rejoice about today?

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Tori said...

Wow, look at that snow. I love it. In Croatia we usually get lots of snow but this year has been the warmest in a while. Being from Texas the snow is a special treat for us.

I'm so happy thought because it looks like spring is coming early here in Croatia. Can't wait!!