Thursday, February 07, 2008

Germs, Germs ~ Go Away....

Well, I think we have sufficiently passed this year's winter sickness to everyone in the house. Brett is on the tail end of it now and he was the last one. I'm not sure who had it the worst - me or Jeff. I must admit, I'm glad we got it worse than the kids....I hate to see my kids sick.

Now I need to get things back in line around here. What I would love to do is open all the windows and air the house out (but since we are still having temperatures below zero I don't think that's a good idea.) Instead ~ I guess I spend the day doing a thoroughly sanitizing of each room in the house. I always feel better once I have done that.

Elisabeth is officially babysitting now. Aundra (my grandson's mom) went back to work part time today and Elisabeth will be babysitting every Thursday and Friday. Of course, I'm here for any emergencies, but the responsibility is all hers. So far, so good!!!!

Well, I best be off now. The Lysol is calling my name. It is time to chase the germs far, far away!!!!

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Terri said...

What does Lysol sound like when it calls your name?