Monday, November 20, 2006


This is Elliott.

YES ~ his tongue is always sticking out

YES ~ that is drool falling on my hubby's pillow!!!


Susan said...

Oh, my goodness! My husband drools when he sleeps, but he'd draw the line at a cat drooling on his pillow! LOL

abrightnewdawn said...

THAT is SOOOO funny!! I love cats and can't have them, so I love your cat antics here & on the Well. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awww!! how cute!!! I love kitties!! We had a cat once that would stick his tongue out quite a bit. We always thought it was so funny too!!

Anonymous said...

This comment has nothing to do with your cat :-) But I was afraid you would never see it if I put it on the appropriate topic! I posted on the Shed today that I loved this certain song but I didn't know the title or who wrote it. All I knew was one line from the chorus. See a singing family that visits my church sometimes sings this song for me because they know I love it so much. They too had no idea who wrote it or anything. ANYWAY, someone from the Shed had a link asking if it was the words to the song I was looking for. It was a link to your blog post for Even In The Valley!! She also had a link to the writer of the song! You can not imagine my joy at finding this song!!! I found a recording of it online and from the writers website I can purchase the sheet music. I have looked for the song many times online and could never find it. For some reason TODAY was God's perfect timing. Yes He does work in mysterious ways. He is truly good. Sorry this is so long. I thought you might be interested in knowing how your post touched someone else's life :-)
To God be the Glory!!