Saturday, November 18, 2006

"I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty"

Yes, that is what my house is singing right now!!! It is shining from top to bottom and side to side now ~~ and I feel better now too!!

I had such a good time cleaning Thursday night - AND I even had time to do a Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds workout ~~ WOO HOO!!!!

Last night we had an adult fellowship at the church. It was SO much fun. We played some of the funniest games, had a great time of devotion, and then sat around and visited over coffee and dessert. Some of the couples were joking about not remembering the last time they had "partied" so long on a Friday night. It was great to laugh and enjoy each others company - and some wonderful memories were made!!

At this moment I am sitting in my recliner (I am so thankful for laptops!!) with a fuzzy blanket and my favorite cat in the whole world (Tanner) curled up on my legs. I just know God put this cat on earth just for me!!! I have a hot cup of coffee (with just a touch of flavored creamer in it), the kids are all out running a couple errands with Daddy, and my house is silent. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Does any one want to join me????

I have no major plans for the day - so, I think I'll go read some blogs and enjoy the peacefulness of my day!!!

Have a great day, all!!!!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

No plans for a Saturday? AH...I envy you. =) My day has been quite full!

That's cute, the song your house is singing. =)