Friday, September 29, 2006

Where Did It Go????

My mom had a saying when I was growing up that I never understood ~~ but lately I think I know exactly what she meant. She used to say:


That is exactly how it has been for me for the last month. I just don't have to desire, drive, oomph, want to, (whatever word you'd like to use) to get myself motivated to do what I need to do.

Now, mind you, I'm getting it all done and I don't have a bad attitude about any of it - but I just feel like I have 50 pound weights on my feet and I'm dragging to do things. Today I was doing some paper work and all I could think about was laying my head down and taking a catnap (very appropriate since I did have a cat on my lap at the time) ~ so I did!!! 15 minutes later Brett came in and saw me, thought it was funny, and went and got his sister so they could both laugh at me!!

I do admit that I felt much better after that little nap. Who would have thought that my doctor would be right when she told me that rest was the only way I was going to get better?!?!?!?

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