Friday, March 31, 2006

We all survived our first chat......

Last night was our first all-class chat session for Virtual Business and I really enjoyed it. Doing all your classes online means that you don't usually have much interaction with the rest of your class mates, so last night was a great chance to learn a little more about those I'm "in class" with.

One of the comments that really got me thinking was one that was made by Stuart (I think.) He mentioned that he had read an article that talked about how the Sears Roebuck Catalog was one of the first "virtual" business ideas. I never would have thought of that, but it is so true.

Now it seems like we are surrounded with virtual businesses and concepts. They are now a normal part of our daily lives. I mean, think about it - there are people all over the world (I was going to say country, but I know Susan will be reading this too!!) who will have immediate access to what I am going to post. Before the Internet, communication had to be by telephone or the postal service, but not anymore. Now we have email, chat rooms, instant messaging, and the list goes on and on. WOW!!!

I have many friends who are missionaries in other countries. Ten years ago we corresponded by letter (phone calls were way too expensive) and even those letters were only a few times a year - and I was fortunate if I got the see them every few years. Now, I can "talk" to them everyday if I would like - either through email or instant messaging - and we can even send pictures of things that took place that same day. And don't forget things like Webcam's!!!! So, what is your favorite tool in this virtual society we currently live in??


Susan said...

Being from a family of missionaries, my favorite communication gadget is probably the instant messenger, followed closely by webcams. I can talk to my MIL in Jamaica, my sister in Mexico, my parents and brother in SC (two separate houses), all at the same time - if we happen to all be on at the same time. And I can see my nieces and nephews with the webcam. My mom shows me new fabric she buys, scarves my sister crochets - I just LOVE it! LOL

Colleen said...


I love your blog! I've been going to spice mine up, but I haven't taken the time yet. I bet your relatives appreciate your blog and keeping track of your lives.


Trisha Roberts said...

I can understand how virtual communication can really enhance your relationships with missionaries at a distance! Or any relationship, for that matter. Being able to communicate and see family over the internet has really kept us very close. And I don't have to miss watching my niece and nephews grow up!