Thursday, March 23, 2006

I learned something new today....

I learned that I am a "virtual worker"!! A virtual worker is "someone who performs assigned duties at an alternative site (usually home) during some or all of their work hours." THAT'S ME!!

I do accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes for 3 different businesses and several individuals ~~ and I do 90% of it from my home. I do have an office at one of the businesses, but most of what I do is from my home....and I love it that way.

I love my work - but what I love more is being home for, and with, my family. I love being the one to get my family ready for the day, preparing the meals, teaching my children, and caring for my home. Being able to bring in an income while doing what I love the most is a great blessing.

There are so many benefits to this arrangement - for me and for those I work for. I never take sick days, my productivity level is higher than that of the person my company used to have come and work for them in the office 40 hours a week, my kids know I am always there for them, no daycare expenses, my children are healthier and happier because of it, and most importantly for me ~~ my husband and family never take second place to my work.

These are not the only benefits to virtual organizations and virtual workers - but for me they are the important ones. God gave me a great responsibility in caring for my home and family; one I don't take lightly. He also gave me the ability to work well with numbers, finances, and computers ~ and now, through virtual organizations, I can do both to the best of my ability!!

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Susan said...

Tami, I'm so glad to see you blogging again! I take it, from your previous post, that you are doing this as a part of a class? If so, no matter - it's got you blogging again! I love to read your entries!