Friday, March 24, 2006

Boy, Oh, Boy - I have got some excited kids

We are going to the Monster Truck show in town this evening. Now, this isn't really my type of thing - but living with a bunch of boys means doing lots of "boy" things. So this evening Elisabeth and I will put in our ear plugs and join Jeff and the boys to watch big, loud trucks do crazy things!!

My boys think this is the greatest thing and not only do they get to see the show, but we also have pit passes, so they get to go into the pits and meet the drivers before the show ever starts. Last year they even got to ride in one of the trucks they had there.

Maybe someone can explain what is so exciting about this, because I sure don't see it. These things are loud and stinky!! (HAHA - sometimes that describes my boys too!!) I'm really not complaining though, I love when we can all go out and do something fun like this. It never fails that something will happen that we will spend the rest of the weekend laughing about.


Michelle Hill said...

Wow..Tami have lots of fun..

Curtiss Kovash said...

Tami, welcome to the class. It looks like you have spent some time creating your site. You have done an excellent job. I look forward to working with you over the next eight weeks.