Saturday, November 15, 2008

8 TO GO....

Here is the list of what I have left before I can officially say I have completed my Master's Degree:

1. Lead Discussion Group #8

2. Submit Financial Plan section of Business Plan

3. Submit Executive Summary section of Business Plan

4. Submit completed draft of Business Plan

5. Complete detailed Strategic Plan

6. Conduct peer evaluation for draft Business plan

7. Submit final business plan, hard copy of plan, Powerpoint, and video presentation (In other words ~~ the completed thesis)

8. Complete peer evaluation for final Business Plan

All this must be done no later than December 5th. On December 6th I then fly back to India for 2 weeks. I will get home on December 21st - just in time for Christmas and New Year.

All I can say is ~~~ WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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