Saturday, September 20, 2008

20 More Days Until I'm Home!!!!

I can definitely say I have learned a lot on this trip. What is one of the biggest things I have learned?????? I AM A HOMEBODY, NOT A WORLD TRAVELLER. A few days of travelling and sightseeing is good, but then I am ready to be in my own home, in my own bed, with my own family, and in my own church.

I am travelling with four other people and I am very thankful for their company. Today they all went to a forest to see monkeys, elephants, and tigers (in the wild) and then after dinner they were going to see a snake charmer. I stayed behind to work on my classes and write a humongous paper (that still isn’t done...maybe tomorrow.)

It has been quite an adjustment, in many ways, here in India. I wish I had time to share them all but that would take days. One thing that is very strange for me is how they wait on me hand and foot. As I was writing this I had to stop because they were bringing me my laundry – washed, folded, ironed the whole nine-yards! And they don’t want tipped for it. I have discovered that they will take American chocolate though. A good friend from work told me to bring a lot of that when I came and now I know why – they love it and think it is the biggest treat in the world.
It is just odd not doing cleaning, cooking, etc. You may think, “How great!!!” but no, I don’t know what to do with myself. Thankfully, in 20 days I will be home!!! Here are a few pictures. I’ll try to do some better ones tomorrow.

These are two little children I see walk by each morning on their way to school. This is from my balcony window.

Also from my balcony window, the "house" with the blue tarp is where these children live.

This is kind of hard to see. I will try to get better ones later. The buildings you see in the background are the buildings we drive by as we go to and from work each day. About a half mile past this you enter what is known as Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is where I work. It is the high tech industry. Other than the people looking different and the guards surrounding the building you would have no idea that you were outside of America.

This is another view from my balcony. This is our pool, which is actually located on a roof. It's hard to believe that looking one way I see this and looking another way I see a shack with a blue tarp.

This is the last view from my balcony. It overlooks some of the other highrises that are in the area.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! This is my first time at your blog. It's adorable! I am also a catlover. I look forward to reading more from your blog as time permits. God Bless you abundantly.
Romans 8:32