Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I've spent the morning playing.....

I must admit that technology amazes me more and more all the time!!! This morning I have been playing with MS Live Meeting and I really like it. There are so many features that make having a virtual meeting seem like you're all in one room. I am really impressed (but then again, it doesn't always take much to impress me!!)

Up until this point in my week I have been getting ready for my baby sister's wedding this weekend. Thursday night I will be traveling to Minot. The wedding is on Saturday. I am so thrilled for her!!! We already have family arriving from all over the country and more still on the way. I'll be sure to add some pictures when I get home.

Now ~~ back to trying out some more virtual gadgets!!!!

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Jennifer Kroepel said...


I went through the demo of Live Meeting as well. I also thought that our interactive session was very beneficial. There are so many features in Live Meeting. Since, I have not utilized a software program like this before; I have to admit I was easily amazed.