Sunday, January 15, 2006

Usually I am such a consistent person - but I admit that when it comes to keeping up with my blog I am HORRIBLE!!!!! But it is the start of a new week and for those that have asked me to update this (especially my family that lives far away) I am going to TRY to post a little something each day......please note that I only said TRY!!!!! :)

Things have been hectic here lately and I'm not going to try to write a book to play catch up for all the things I haven't kept everyone up-to-date on (that would be one LONG blog!!!) I will give a short overview though.......

1. Last Sunday we had a missionary and his family in. They had 4 children. We had a great couple of days with the Hazards and truly enjoyed learning more about what God have called them to do.

2. Last Tuesday a group of people broke into our church - they stole several thousands of dollars worth of equipment and ransacked most of the building. We have spent most of the rest of this last week cleaning things up from that. But God is good and the criminals were arrested on Friday evening.

3. Wedensday the Petricks came to visit us. They are dear, dear friends that we have known for over 10 years. We had such a great time visiting and reminiscing about the years we have served together. (Bro. Petrick performed his first baptism on ME....and that is a story in itself!!!!!)

4. And last, be not least....for those of you that don't already know - I am a Graduate stduent now!!! As of Tuesday I am working on getting my Masters in Information Systems from Minot State University.

It will all be done online and, Lord willing, I will graduate in May 2008. Upon graduating I will have the opportunity of becoming a professor at the university and teaching onlines college courses myself! I am very excited about that!!

The kids are all doing well. We are enjoying a very mild winter, so they are doing lots of playing outdoors (something that is very uncommon in North Dakota in January.)

I have an assignment due by this evening, so I best get to it. We have church this evening, so I want to get it done before we leave. I definitely don't want to put it off too long....especially since "24" starts this evening and I know my hubby will want me to watch that with him.

Have a great Lord's Day my friends ~~~ and I'll TRY to be a little more consistent!! :)

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Jamie said...

sooo jealouse about 24. You are taping it for the poor souls who are 24-less right?