Friday, January 20, 2006

My baby is sick.....

My baby kitty that is. D.J. is our 9 month old Ragdoll kitten. This picture of him was from when he was about 6 months old - he is a lot bigger now.

His eye started watering the other day and then yesterday we took him to the vet to get him nuetered and declawed. We asked them about his eye and they said it should be okay.

When we picked him up this morning to bring him home they gave us antibiotics and eye drops and said it might look worse before it gets better. So now the poor little guy has a yucky eye, sneezes, his paws hurt, and he just got nuetered!!!! I feel so sorry for him!! And then they tell me the stress of everything will make his eye look even worse.

If you read this will you please take a minute and pray for DJ to recover quickly and with no complications.

He is such a sweet and lovable little thing and it just breaks my heart to see him look so miserable.

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