Sunday, March 29, 2009

WOW - What a week

As most people know ~ at least if you watch the news at all ~ North Dakota is experiencing a lot of flooding right now. This last Wednesday we were woke about at about 5am by the police, telling us we had to evacuate our home.
After two days in a hotel we were able to go home and, thankfully, we experience no damage. Here are a few pictures from the last 5 days:
This was a picture we took Tuesday - before we were evacuated. For those who know where I live, this is right across the street from us. Notice the tree going under water....that tree has now been washed away.
This boat is actually on my street, bringing in sandbags and helping people get things out.
This is about a mile from my house, an area called Fox Island. They got the worst of it.

Again, this is looking across the street from where I live, just looking in the other direction. This was also taken on Tuesday. By Wednesday the waters were flowing over the road we were on when we took this picture.

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