Sunday, March 01, 2009


Not much has changed (visibly anyway) since the last update. Most of what has gone one has been between the city, the contractor, and the insurance company. That should change starting next week though.
As you can see ~~~~ WE HAVE LUMBER NOW!!! YEAH!!!!!
The only thing that has changed from this angle is the doors on the right now open and close. Before they were unuseable. We will be putting the sound and recording room back there now and that will be the entrance to the room.

Jeff likes this picture. He is actually up on a ladder in the attic looking all the way down to the basement. The plywood laying on the boards is the main level. Then underneath that is the basement floor.

This is part of the main steel beam that had to be reinforced before anymore work could be done. This was taken on the main floor, then you can look down into the basement.

More shots of the lumber. Hopefully next week these boards will be walls!!

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