Sunday, May 04, 2008


This term of school is over and couldn't be happier!!! I am so doing the Happy Dance! I don't know why, but this term just about did me in.

Now, I am celebrating!

Yesterday was my first day of freedom, so I escaped to Minot to play with my sister. I'm not quite sure when it happened, but sometime over the last 5-10 years my sister and I have become friends. I love it. We have fun together. Yesterday we had a great time doing absolutely nothing.

I took Braden with me so that Braden and Tristan could play together (OK, so 3 and 5 month old boys don't play with blocks or race their cars together.....YET....but we are preparing them for later.) While they played we just talked. That was our exciting day together. I loved it!!!!

I plan to continue my HAPPY DANCE from now until my classes start again....sometime in June. Any want to join me????


Terri said...

That dancing kitten scares me. It looks like a zombie cat.

Tami said...

When a put that cat on there I just knew you would be the one to comment!!!! We are too much alike.